Liberal minority predicted; Cons. control C-K L and L-K-M

Dave Epp, Conservative candidate, at the podium of his Election Day party at Deer Run Golf Course.

Canada is headed towards a Liberal minority government, while our region stayed blue tonight.

While results are still coming in, Dave Epp had a comfortable lead with about half the polls reporting in for Chatham-Kent Leamington. The Conservative candidate replaces his predecessor, Dave Van Kesteren, as MP.

Meanwhile, to the north, poll numbers are slow to come in. But Conservative Lianne Rood, with only 30 of 242 polls reporting, holds a commanding lead over Liberal Jesse McCormick. Her numbers all but doubled those of McCormick.

If they stand up, Rood will successfully replace her Conservative predecessor, Bev Shipley.

With the grim reaper hanging out by the television set, supporters of Katie Omstead, Liberal candidate for Chatham-Kent Leamington, watch the numbers roll in across the country Monday night. While Omstead lost, the Liberals formed a minority government.


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