John Balagtas, PPC, Chatham-Kent Leamington


John Balagtas has a passion for Canada and The People’s Party. An immigrant from the age of 10, Balagtas has embraced our Canadian values wholeheartedly.

He graduated from Centennial College after studying Automation and Robotics. At the University of Toronto, Balagtas earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

For the past 12 years John has been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. In this role, he has travelled and worked throughout Canada and abroad.

Balagtas is fully behind the People’s Party platform, and is driven to bring it to fruition. His primary focus is on freedom and prosperity for the Canadian people.

A resident of the Chatham-Kent Leamington riding, he enjoys meeting with the people of the riding and seeks to understand their concerns about the federal government.


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