Finally, an in-depth investigation

Aug 27 • Letters to the EditorNo Comments on Finally, an in-depth investigation

Sir: Excellent article by Mary Beth Corcoran in The Voice of July 25 regarding the water wells promise for a health hazard investigation.

Finally, a year later, they now have a real investigation at I’m sure a tremendous cost.

They have an environmental health scientist, an epidemiologist and a toxicologist, so let’s hope with all the wells and people involved, they don’t come up this time with such negative answers as before.

Surely, it must be plain to see what has caused so many wells to be affected.

If one of the wells is tested and they come up with it positive, that it is not fit to drink, then surely it means the rest are the same, instead of testing 189 wells.

It doesn’t personally involve me, other than everyone, especially here in Canada, should have safe drinking water.

I hope those involved will be compensated for the money they have spent to be sure they had safe water to drink.

And let’s hope it doesn’t take one more year to find out.

Ruth Draper




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