For the love of domestic animals


Sir: My wife and I have been saving cats and dogs and bringing them into our house for nearly 40 years.

We love them as though they were our children.

That’s why I was overjoyed to read Sarah Schofield’s piece in The Chatham Voice about Gary and Kelly O’Rourke’s volunteer work with PAWR (Pet and Wildlife Rescue), our Chatham animal rescue organization.

I understand Jason Hamm, manager of animal control services with PAWR Animal Control, has been busy inspecting local kennel premises. 

I hope Jason will continue his campaign to check on all the kennel operators in the city. I often had conversations with the OSPCA about this issue and I was glad to see PAWR take over.

I understand the OSPCA was supposed to inspect local kennels but they never got it done on a regular basis.

Now perhaps he can take a look at local backyard breeders!

Stephen J. Beecroft





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