Load limits change for 3rd St. Bridge

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Municipal officials say the load limit on the Third Street Bridge in the heart of Chatham is changing.

Crews recently completed additional inspections and load limit calculations on the bridge following the repairs that took place in October.

The current single load posting of 10 tonnes can be increased to a new triple load posting of 10/18/25 tonnes.

This updated triple load posting will remain in place until the planned rehabilitation work begins next year, or the year after.

The triple load posting refers to the type of vehicle and axel arrangements for each vehicle, municipal officials said.

A single load posting applies to a single unit. Trucks, buses, cars, and other vehicles of a single unit fall into this category.

A double load posting applies to two-unit vehicles. These are tractor semi trailers, car trailers, truck trailers and other vehicles consisting of two units or pieces.

A triple load posting applies to vehicle trains. These involve tractor trailer trailers, tractor semi trailer trailers, tractor semi trailer semi trailers and other three-unit configurations.

For updates on this and all other projects within Chatham-Kent, please refer to www.chatham-kent.ca/constructionprojects.



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