Uride ridesharing comes to Chatham-Kent

From left, Cameron Bertion, Uride driver; Andrea Raine and Matt Sullivan, first C-K riders; and Florin Marksteiner, local ridesharing advocate, celebrate Uride coming to C-K.

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is pleased to announce a new local transportation option has officially launched. Uride, a company based on the popular ridesharing model, received their licence to operate as a private transportation company in C-K on Sept. 28.

The following day, Uride announced through Facebook that they had given their first ride in Chatham-Kent.

Municipal officials say it is their goal to improve access to affordable and reliable transportation services within the urban and rural communities of Chatham-Kent. Uride’s growth in the area is a response to the work done by the municipality and council to amend local By-laws regarding vehicles for hire.

“This is a great example of the success that can be achieved when we look at reducing red tape and making Chatham-Kent even friendlier for business,” said John Norton, General Manager of Community Development, in a media release. “Chatham-Kent has quality bus and taxi services, and now residents have more options with rideshare companies stepping forward.”

Currently Uride is providing transportation primarily from the city of Chatham.

“We are in the process of recruiting more drivers in the surrounding communities and rural areas of Chatham-Kent,” said Skye Volpi, Chief Operating Officer for Uride. “We’re only a few days in and we’ve seen a lot of positive interest from the community. It’s been very welcoming and we appreciate both our drivers and our customers for working with us.”

One of the first rides provided was to Coun. Brock McGregor. McGregor put forward the motion to Chatham-Kent council to amend the local By-laws and the Vehicle for Hire By-law recommendations passed June 18.

“The ride was a great experience. From the time I opened my phone, got the app, and placed the request for a ride, it was less than 10 minutes and the driver was there at my door,“ said McGregor. “It’s wonderful to have another option in town that is helping to address the transportation needs of the community and I’m glad to see a Canadian company step up to provide the service.”

In addition to bus, taxi, and rideshare options, residents who are looking to access medical appointments in Chatham-Kent can use an affordable health transportation service called Carelink. Carelink is a partnership between several health provider agencies and can be accessed by calling 1-855-728-1433.

You can find more information about Uride on their website at www.uridetech.com, their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/uridetech/, or download the Uride app which is available on both Apple and Android.


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