Promises made, and kept

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Wallaceburg residents, particularly those in the area of the proposed 12 super turbines of the Otter Creek Wind Farm project, are heaving sighs of relief now that our new Premier Doug Ford has cancelled the project.

Otter Creek just recently wrapped up the REA permit process and was waiting to hear from the province about approval of the project, which was expected to start construction in 2019. Residents close to the turbine sites were concerned about noise pollution and potential contamination of water wells with sediment, similar to what happened in Chatham and Dover townships when North Kent Wind projects began construction.

Whether you were for or against the projects, the most significant point about the cancellation is that Doug Ford said he would cancel renewable energy projects and he has. We can’t help but be impressed by that, as it is so rare in politics.

Ford said he would get rid of the Green Energy Act and he is in the process of doing just that. He said he would get rid of the Hydro One CEO and the board and he has, without having to pay out millions in termination costs. Yes, it is costing $400,000 to have the CEO “retire,” but that outcome is better than expected.

Ford said he would scrap the current sex education curriculum, and whether you agree with that or not, it is a promise kept.

The bottom line is, so far, Ford is doing what he said he would do, and he is only in the early days of his mandate.

Some people will be anxiously awaiting other promises made, like a health hazard investigation into the black shale contamination of some area water wells, but the early indication is that our new premier is as good as his word.

Again, you may not agree with what that word was, but you have to give the man props on his follow through in these early days.



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