Promises made, promises kept?

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Ontario PC leader Doug Ford, left, is greeted by Water Wells First spokesman Kevin Jakubec when he got off his campaign bus for a stop in Wallaceburg in April.

Now that people have had a chance to recover from the provincial election, it’s time to look to the future of Ontario and what a Doug Ford leadership looks like for Chatham-Kent.

A lot of promises were made, and with decimated Liberal ranks and PC majority, there will be no excuses not to make good on those promises.

For 14 years, the Liberals have governed our province and our local elected officials could point the finger of blame towards Toronto. PC MPPs Rick Nicholls and Monte McNaughton weren’t able to get as much accomplished in opposition, but they were able to pass the blame.

Now, they won’t have that excuse to fall back on.

As members of the party in power, they will be held accountable for the promises made to water well owners, the people requesting a Highway 401 barrier, and all the other people who have asked them to take their issues to Queen’s Park.

A lot of their success will depend on Premier-elect Doug Ford living up to the promises he made about immediate action he would take on the Green Energy Act, the carbon tax, and, yes, even buck a beer.

Nicholls school bus safety legislation will hopefully make it to the top of the pile; the same for his bill to prohibit non-disclosure clauses as part of leases signed with landowners to have industrial wind turbines erected on their properties.

There are a lot of people counting on Nicholls and McNaughton to come through for them on pressing for a health hazard investigation and holding the people who refused to look into their concerns accountable. Ford stated on the election trail through Chatham-Kent that, if elected, he would call for just such an investigation.

Well, now he’s elected, and there are no excuses.

The hard work for Nicholls, McNaughton and Ford starts right away and it’s hoped the people won’t regret the blue tide that swept southern Ontario.



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