Jakubec, Wesley settle libel dispute

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Jim Leveille, a homeowner on Caledonia Line, and Water Wells First spokesperson Kevin Jakubec examine the clogged filter on Leveille’s well pump.

In a press release issued by Water Wells First spokesperson Kevin Jakubec Friday relating to the litigation between he and Chatham-Kent Coun. Jeff Wesley, he said an apology has closed the matter for good.

“Previously I, Kevin Jakubec, made public comments that suggested Mr. Wesley was a liar. It is

not true that Mr. Wesley is a liar. I apologize,” Jakubec said in the release. “Coun. Wesley and I have come to an agreement regarding the damages assessed in the Reasons for Decision of Deputy Judge Glenn C. Walker on July 27, 2017 and consider the matter resolved. Neither Coun. Wesley or myself will have further comment on this matter.”

The apology stems from the grassroots advocacy group awarding Wesley a Pinocchio Shame Award in early 2017. Jakubec, at that time, said the award was not meant to hurt Wesley or his family, but was meant to bring awareness to the group’s fight to protect the aquifer running under Dover Township and much of the area north of Chatham where wind turbine projects are underway.

“I offer my apologies to you and your family. No one was meant to be hurt,” Jakubec had written in an e-mail to Wesley in March, 2017. “We are trying to prevent an environmental disaster from spreading.”



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  1. ho hardy says:

    Life without water is a BIG! deal
    feelings run high
    who does not know that ?

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