How times have changed


Sir: I am becoming more and more convinced this is a turbulent world. Instead of enjoying peace as we should, living in this wonderful city of Chatham, we seem to be getting more and more fearful.

It’s on record that the 20th century was the bloodiest century in human history.

One recent example: The other day two innocent elementary school boys knocked on our front door. Could they go into our backyard to retrieve a football they had accidentally kicked over our backyard fence?

Of course they could. We suggested it would be easier for them if they were to enter through the front door and walk through the house to the kitchen door and into the back yard.

But no. They had to go home to ask their mom if that was OK.

Between us, my wife and I have brought up six children, most of whom have children themselves.

But things have changed.  As I said, we seem to be getting more and more fearful.

Stephen J. Beecroft





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