Woman wants to chat with our premier


Sir: Ten years ago, we found the country home of our dreams. It was quiet, it was private, and it was our refuge.

For 10 years we have been able to live the life that we wanted to. We were able to make our decisions about what was good for us and for our home. We were able to make those decisions on our own.

With the flick of a switch on Feb. 21 our dream turned into a nightmare. Four days after those wind turbines were turned on, our clean, problem-free water contained black sediment. Water that was ruined because our ability to make decisions on what is right for us was taken away. Our rights and our water were taken away by policies that were put in motion by the Liberal government in Ontario, continued by Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Premier Wynne, you know full well what is going on here. You know families are continuing to come forward with ruined water because of the turbines. You now know this Kettle Point black shale. You now know that it contains toxic heavy metals. You know this is happening, yet you continue to ignore it.

The sense of abandonment I feel by my province is profound. I trusted you would do the right thing, Kathleen. I trusted you would actually believe what we were telling you. I trusted you would do something to prevent this from happening to more families. You betrayed us. You believed those wind companies over your own people.

You allowed these wind companies to destroy your citizens’ lives. You allowed the wind companies to break the rules that were set out in the REA permit. You turned a blind eye to the information we gave you, you ignored us yet again.

I know we are not in Toronto but what is it going to take for you to realize that our needs, our water, our concerns are important too?

I cooked and bathed with that water on the morning when our well stopped working. What have I exposed myself to?

Your ministry provided us with protection that was set out in the REA permit. Condition G6 in that permit allows us a temporary water supply immediately. Now we are told by the MOECC we will get no water. Tell me again why that condition is ignored?

I extend an invitation to you, Premier Wynne – come on by for a cup of coffee so we can sit and talk and you can put a face on the suffering the people of your province are experiencing.

Angie Leveille

Chatham Township




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