Changes needed at bus terminal


Sir: A good time back now, staff with the municipality mentioned re-furbishing the bus terminal downtown.

At that time, I wrote a letter that while they were at it they should put the seats parallel as people had no room changing from one bus to another, especially with walkers, baby carriages, etc.

So now I have read in the March 15 Chatham Voice in a letter that Katherine Budd has mentioned this same problem. Good for Katherine.

It usually takes someone to get hurt before they do anything about it. If you stand too close at the curbs, the bus mirrors stick out quite a way, which they have to.

If ever we do manage to get the seats turned parallel, maybe they could have wooden seats for warmth, also to face to the east because right now, the wind blows right on those seats from the west from behind the post office.

Let’s hope before long this will all come about. In the meantime, Katherine and I will keep our fingers crossed, like many no doubt.

Ruth Draper





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