Rebuild proceeding well

Construction on the new building to house Sacwal, Ideal Decorating, and the Lighting & Accent Gallery is well underway on St. Clair Street in Chatham. The businesses were burned out by fire this past January.


Harry Verhey said he’s building it bigger and better.

The owner of 703 St. Clair St. and one of the people behind Sacwal Flooring, said the rebuild on that property is progressing well and will be larger than its predecessor, which burned down this past January.

The multi-million-dollar fire destroyed the building and impacted its three tenants, Sacwal Flooring, Lighting & Accent Gallery, and Ideal Decorating. They relocated to the Nortown Plaza further south on St. Clair, and await their new building’s completion.

Verhey said that should be in early 2018.

“The building is bigger than before, with additional insulation and LED lighting. It’s more environmentally friendly,” he said.

Work is underway on the outer walls these days.

“The big thing, the roof is on, the concrete floors are all poured,” he said. “We’re on schedule to have most of our exterior work done probably by the first week of November.”

Verhey commended everyone involved in the three businesses for sticking together in adversity.

“You do what you have to do, put your best foot forward,” he said. “The whole team was just putting out 100 per cent. Compliments to our staff for everything that’s been done.”

The relocation has forced Sacwal to operate out of two locations due to space limitations at the Nortown site, and all three businesses are feeling the pinch from reduced warehouse space, he said.

“All the stores are short of storage space. Everyone will be anxious to have their warehouse back,” Verhey said.

In fact, the warehouse is larger than before, just like everything else. What won’t change is indoor access between locations. The three stores were linked in that manner in the former building and will be again, Verhey said.

The fire is a form of reset button.

“When you have a chance to redo it, you can do things differently, this is that opportunity,” Verhey said.

He hopes to see all three businesses back in place early in the new year.




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