A day late and a dollar short


Sir: Excellent letter by Mr. Yott (“Notification system is broken,” in the Aug. 17 Chatham Voice). That’s how things are done in Chatham-Kent. Always a day late and a dollar short.

Like looking into wording of a bylaw to allow building a marijuana production when they are already up all over the province.

Building walkways out in the country when if you want to walk on Merritt Avenue from King Street to Richmond Street, you have a choice of which side of the roadway you want to walk on. On the roads in the Copper Terrace area, some years ago they tore out the curbs on the corners and put in wheel chair accessible corner but they don’t go anywhere because you will run into a light pole or street sign pole. If one of those two aren’t there, there are no sidewalks. Wheelchairs don’t operate very well on grass.

Or trying to attract business from outside the country when the businesses they are trying to attract already are building their facilities or are already built all over the province.

I’m really looking forward to the next municipal election so I can do my part in trying to eliminate the biggest part of this council and a mayor that is finally showing up on the side of the taxpayers in the wind turbine/water situation.

Karl Maier





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