No need for such speed


Sir: I have been told by the police service in a roundabout way that they don’t have enough men or women to enforce all laws. The law in question – a motorist not stopping for pedestrian right of way on foot at a crossing with lights.

Recently, I was crossing at the lights at King Street and St. Clair/Third Street to go to the TD Bank. I was halfway across on my right of way when a black car zoomed up the right turn lane west on King Street and turned north onto Third Street to head over the bridge. Good job I saw him quick enough for me to stop. Otherwise I would not be probably writing this letter today.

I did manage to get the three letters of the licence plate. I went right away to the police station.

Nothing can be done.

I have suggested they can see the intersection from the police station at 9 a.m., a busy time. At any given morning, they could have someone watching that crossing. That’s when I was told they don’t enough police.

If we seniors or any age can’t cross on our right of way safely, where can we cross? It’s amazing the same thing happened on my return to the TD Bank. Incredible!

They could make a lot of money in fines just at that intersection. Police say they need the full licence plate. The second licence plate had so much dirt on it you could not see the number. Another infraction of the law.

Slow down, guys and girls, please!

Ruth Draper





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