Classic car exhibit indeed a local treasure


Sir: I read, enjoyed and thoroughly agreed with the article in the May 12 issue of The Voice by Bruce Corcoran on the Cars and Coffee event he attended at RM Classic Cars.

I hope this was not the last one to be held this year as it is the only way you can visit their Classic Car Exhibit.

The reason, and I wrote about this in an earlier published letter, is at the very questionable advice of a consultant. Our council, “in their wisdom,” decided to cancel the $15,000 per year funding to RM to keep this permanent exhibit open to the public, as the consultant said it had a low priority in their tourism plans of Chatham-Kent.

As I said then and as I say now, what utter nonsense. It is a unique and splendid exhibit as Mr. Corcoran so well sets out in his article. This cancellation of such a small amount of funding is just one of the several utterly stupid decisions our council has made, two of which he mentions in his article – the Business Park and the Bradley Centre. But he does not mention that $4 million purchase of a railroad that has no trains, that no one wants to buy or operate, to which, still after many years our council clings on to in desperation. The money paid for this “white elephant” is badly needed for costly infrastructure now and in the future.

William P. Magee





  1. Hi William,

    Thank you very much for your support of our Cars & Coffee events. I just wanted to let you know that the May meet was not the last one – we have one coming up on June 11, and also one on July 9!

    We hope you can join us!


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