She won’t pull the trigger on Hydro One


Sir: I don’t believe Premier Kathleen Wynne will sell or privatize Crown assets such as the LCBO, Hydro One or Ontario Power Generation.

Right-winger Premier Mike Harris made similar threats in 1995. Premier David Peterson floated similar proposals 10 years previously.

It was Premier Dalton McGuinty who handed over our air ambulance service to Ornge with disastrous results wasting many millions of our money and the deaths of several people because of faulty equipment

I agree the present Liberal government has done a few honorable things – it was wonderful how Mr. McGuinty rushed up to Elliot Lake when part of the roof of Algo Centre Mall (legally Eastwood Mall since 2005 but almost never referred to as such) – collapsed, killing two people.

I know Ms. Wynne has really got a financial millstone around her neck, but, even though I believe in private enterprise, I don’t think it’s wise to sell off Crown assets because the government desperately needs money. The provincial Liberals have increased our debt to $270 billion and raised the annual deficit to $11.3 billion, since

Asset sales should be done with one goal in mind — better serving the public at an equal or lower cost. It shouldn’t be done to prove an ideological point, or by spendthrift governments desperate for a one-time revenue injection. Given their many disastrous financial decisions since 2003, who trusts the Wynne-McGuinty Liberal government to sell anything?

Stephen Beecroft



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