In defense of creationism


Sir: Let’s straighten out this business of evolution.

It is a theory, an idea, and an assumption that has not yet been proven.

My theory is that the moon is made of green cheese. It is still a theory until I prove it and then it will become a fact (fat chance)!

Evolution has always been known as Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. When did it cease to be a theory and become accepted as a fact? Who proved this theory?

Darwin was, for the last 30 years of his life, a Christian. Isn’t that interesting! What did he learn from his scientific work?

If we really did evolve from monkeys, why are there still monkeys on the planet? What caused them to stop evolving? If you evolved from a monkey, has evolution come to an end or are humans going to keep on evolving and end up looking like something from outer space?

And if there really is something like evolution, how come mothers still have only two hands? Why have human footprints been found in sediment close to footprints of dinosaurs?

The Bible states that humans should be able to live to reach the age of 120 years. Modern scientists believe that humans should be able to reach the age of 120 years. Interesting coincidence.

The Bible says we are all descendants of the same parents; commonly know as Adam and Eve.

Modern scientists decidedly believe that we are all descendants of the same mother and that mother lived in the north part of Africa and she was black.

With the modern use of DNA knowledge, I tend to believe they are reasonably accurate and it tends to agree with the Bible.

Concerning MPP Rick Nicholls’ remark about his belief regarding evolution, when did he lose his right to free speech? It was just a casual remark; it was not the main topic of a prepared speech.

If you attack a person for being so stupid as to not believe in evolution, then you are calling all Christians stupid because they believe in one God who created all things, including humans.

I am a member of a minority group, namely the senior citizen white male taxpaying Christian group. You can’t fire me; I am retired. I am also a retired teacher seeking truth and if I had my way in a classroom I would discuss both the evolution and creation and let students make their own decision.

They are intelligent, you know, and it is their life decision, not ours.

I will keep believe in creation, one creator and an existence after life on this planet. I am absolutely certain something is guiding my life. A hundred years from now, we will see who is right.

Bill Elders





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