Donation bin bylaw moving forward


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Council went against staff’s wishes and requested that staff create a bylaw about the use of clothing donations bins within Chatham-Kent.

After the initial staff recommendation was defeated, Chatham Coun. Michael Bondy entered a successful motion for staff to create a bylaw, which would provide rules and regulations for new and existing bins related to location, size, visibility and contact information.

Bondy said the problem that was present when he first made the motion last year has since subsided.

“The idea behind this was to put everyone at a level playing field,” he said.

The bylaw is expected to be presented to council before the final council meeting in June.

Community Partnership Fund grants awarded

Council approved a list of grant recipients Monday for the 2015 round of the Community Partnership Fund.

Eighteen applications totaling $139,251.35 under the “Community Projects” portion, and nine applications totaling $34,225 under the “Festivals and Events” were granted.

A staff report says the Community Partnership Fund was established in 2000 and uses matching funding to promote community development projects within Chatham-Kent.

New docs introduced

The latest wave of new physicians in Chatham-Kent was introduced to the community.

Fannie Vavoulis, medical recruiter and education co-ordinator, made her annual presentation to council.

“I feel like a broken record, but I’m a happy broken record,” she said.

A total of 10 new doctors were introduced, including:

  • Dr. Imran Ibrahim – Dresden Family Health Team;
  • Dr. Rizwan Muhammad – Wallaceburg Family Health Team;
  • Dr. Muhammad Afzal – Wallaceburg Family Health;
  • Dr. Naveed Hasan – Wallaceburg Family Health Team;
  • Dr. Glen Providence ‐ CKHA hospitalist;
  • Dr. Briana Providence – Dresden Family Health Team;
  • Dr. Maqsood Ali ‐ pediatrician;
  • Dr. Sacha DeSouza ‐ pediatrician;
  • Dr. Cecil Liu ‐ emergency medicine; and
  • Dr. Taylor Johnson – emergency medicine, CHC.

 Renovates pilot program item postponed

A report on the Chatham-Kent renovates pilot program was postponed. It will be discussed at the April 13 council meeting.

Robertson eyeing council size and ward boundaries

Chatham Coun. Derek Robertson entered a notice of motion to hire a consultant to investigate the ward boundaries in Chatham-Kent and the size of council.

Robertson said he wants to see the work done by the governance task force be looked at by a third party.

He said the budget would be no more than $20,000.




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