Some hip decisions lie ahead



I went to visit my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jonathon Stone, last week for my latest hip check.

The man is very professional. I’d heard some folks think he’s a bit standoffish, but to me, he is often pretty darned busy so he won’t always sit there and give you small talk.

I respect that.

And he’s very efficient. I was in and out in less than 50 minutes, and that included much more than just a discussion about my ailing right hip.

Chatham Mazda from Chatham Voice on Vimeo.

We chatted about my weight loss progress (it has really slowed down over the past three months, oops), hip pain, how a cortisone shot in October has worked, and where to go from here.

I also brought up the fact my right knee is now bothering me a lot. I wasn’t sure if I’d done some damage from adjusting how I walk due to the severe arthrosis in my hip, or if it too was becoming arthritic.

Dr. Stone checked the knee to see if there was any tendon or ligament damage and then ordered an X-ray. I asked about the appointment dates for the X-ray and a return visit, he said “immediately” and “right afterward.” The X-rays would take place down the hall, and I was to return to see him as soon as they were done.

So down to the X-ray lab I went. The ladies there were great, with a couple recognizing me for writing this column every week.

I barely had time to sit down in the waiting area before my name was called.

The tech took five X-rays. The first two were with me standing. The first was straight on, and then a side-on X-ray. I felt like I had paused a dance move for that one.

Three X-rays followed with me lying on the table. I felt I was posing for a magazine (although I really don’t know who’d buy that one), with me first lying on my side, followed by two on my stomach with my right leg bent at the knee.

With the X-rays done, I thanked the staff and returned to Dr. Stone’s office, where I went straight into one of his examination rooms.

Turns out my knee is OK. Some small bone spurs and other wear and tear, but nothing major.

So, what do to about my hip? Do I continue with the cortisone shots every six months to delay surgery? I’m young enough that doctors may very well have to replace the replacement later in life. And I’d be off work for three to six weeks

But my quality of life has suffered with the hip pain. Little exercise, inability to even cut my own grass or walk any distance without pain is, well, a pain.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions.


Youth take charge

You know you are old when you stop off at a school to drop off your child’s lunch to be greeted by two of her classmates who are covering the front desk over the first lunch break.

Old enough for responsibility? Already?

The two young ladies recognized me as Brenna’s father and asked if I was indeed there for her. Yep.

They actually paged her, as she wasn’t in her class, but rather was in a lower grade class doing lunch supervision.

Responsibilities. Wow. Yet how come I have to remind her of so many chores at home? Oh, wait, because she’s almost a teenager!

Still, she’s a great kid. We may have to constantly remind her, but she doesn’t whine about stuff. I pray that trend continues.


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