We need honest leadership

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Sir: The recent auditor general’s report was very eye opening, and as usual the government brought in their spin doctors to discredit the findings.

What is the matter with our system?

We have a report that tells of their fiscal shortcomings, and yet they do their best to cover their butts and twist the truth. This procedure is not just provincial; the federal and local governments are just as guilty.

Our situation now is that we have another four years of a majority government in Ontario; also another four-year term of municipal government, however, there is a federal election in the offing. Another round of promises from another level of government. It would sure be nice if we truly had leaders from all three levels that look right in the camera and say something like, “Yes, I’ve read the reports, and from this moment, this government will act and take the report to cabinet and work out our policy within the auditor’s report for the betterment of all people, and if any minister or department official cannot handle these problems properly, they will be fired from their post.”

So, to those of you in leadership positions, you probably have your agendas set, but maybe down the road, we will see true leadership emerge.

Unfortunately, we have too many people in positions that are only there for their own interests and that of respective groups.

Oh, I will continue to get out and vote, and as my dad used to say: “If you don’t vote, don’t complain.”

 M.J. Maguire




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