Sidewalks need to be safer for everyone


Sir: Re: Safety on municipal sidewalk concerns.

I have read with interest replies from seniors in recent letters to the editor.

I understand their concerns and those of people who have to ride their handicapped scooters or use walkers on the sidewalk in regards to bicyclists on the sidewalk. The bicycle lanes put on some streets are supposed to help with some of these issues, but I have heard numerous people upset about how and where these lanes were installed, so I will leave that subject up to someone else to write a letter or two about.

The bike lanes have been the subject of much debate already in the news media and municipal council as well over the past few years.

I do appreciate the concerns of the seniors and handicapped who ride on the sidewalks, and I think that they should be protected from bicyclists on municipal sidewalks. Riding on city and town roads can be challenging just for the other automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles on the streets at the best of times.

I’ve been almost run over myself several times by bicycles on sidewalks. Not a good thing to happen to anyone!

 Frank Doyle



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