Giant Tiger targets Blenheim


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Renovations are already underway for a new retailer working to set up shop in Blenheim by the fall.

Giant Tiger announced recently it plans to put in a Giant Tiger Express on Chatham Street in the South Kent community.

Art Stirling, a South Kent councillor, said he reached out to the all-Canadian retail chain more than a year ago to discuss such a possibility.

“I contacted the vice-president of real estate and legal services in March of 2013, the day the Bargain Shop announced they were closing their Blenheim location,” he said.

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Stirling said he continued the communications, “particularly when Liquidation World closed and more recently when the Competition Bureau said Loblaws had to divest itself of No Frills in Blenheim.”

He saw a growing gap in the retail needs of Blenheim.

“Blenheim to me is a nice little self-contained market. We have some great amenities and a thriving downtown core,” Stirling said. “With the departure of other stores, we really didn’t have what I would call a general merchandiser. We have Canadian Tire, but they don’t really touch upon all needs. We were looking for a retailer, particularly on the clothing side.”

He added there are some excellent clothing shops downtown, but much of that is higher-end merchandise. Giant Tiger Express now gives buyers more options.

Giant Tiger president and chief operating officer Greg Farrell said his company can’t wait to open shop in Blenheim.

“Giant Tiger Stores Limited is very excited about this new store” Farrell said in a press release. “The GTXpress brand is all about offering our customers the best and most convenient shopping experience for their everyday needs. Customers can look forward to the grocery selection, on-trend fashions and everyday household products, all delivered in a fast and friendly format.”

The company plans on holding a grand opening at the Chatham Street location on Oct. 4.

Giant Tiger is Canadian owned and operated, with the company’s first store opening in Ottawa in 1961. Today, there are more than 200 stores across the country, and the company employs in excess of 7,000 people.


  1. "THEIR PRICES ARE GREAT!" That's very nice to hear and very happy for Blenheim, Ont. that Giant Tiger is coming to the town. This will give the unemployed a job and hope that Giant Tiger will stay there permanently. Hopefully Giant Tiger will bring more stores to other communities here in Kent County. Thank-you Giant You're the Greatest.


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