Will they come?


Sir: In response to your April 10 editorial, “Take That Toronto,” tearing down residents of Toronto will not make them come to Chatham. To this group wanting to blast Toronto, this is certainly not the way to go.

I was born and raised in Toronto and in no way did I live a dreary existence. In fact, I had a wonderful life there.

If this group and Mayor Hope want to draw attention to Chatham, why not invite Rob Ford and Justin Bieber to Chatham, then the whole world will know that there is a Chatham, Ont.

Why not give some positive examples:

• Invite the young: oh no, there are no jobs.

• Invite the seniors: but all senior residences are full.

• Take a picnic down to the lovely brown Thames River.

• Wait more than 15 hours in the emergency room if you are ill.

• Visit the downtown mall; “where did all the stores go?”

• Visit the Walmart plaza, all of five stores.

• Take a beautiful drive around this flat countryside.

• Visit the overcrowding of wind turbines.

Oh, by the way, Justin Bieber was born in London, Ont., not Toronto.

Come on Torontonians, move to Chatham.

S.M. McGregor





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