Yes, I’ve watched Hanna Montana


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Most parents have done this – watch a kids’ TV show with their child. You both relax, and you get to quietly observe to make sure everything’s appropriate and there’s a good message.

And there are some shows out there your kid loves, but you abso-freaking-lutely despise. The acting is trash, the plot is almost non-existent and the jokes are blatantly obvious, as well as meek. So what if you aren’t part of the target audience?

But because your kid loves it, you live with it.

baCK-video-30sec from Chatham Voice on Vimeo.


That was me when my child used to watch anything with those Zack and Cody kids – whether they were doofuses in a hotel or dorks on a cruise ship. Painful television.

The twin brothers’ sole saving grace is they played Adam Sandler’s little charge in “Big Daddy” years ago.

“ANT Farm” is another show that should be tossed onto the manure pile. Supposedly advanced and talented kids, who are in reality just plain annoying … at least to an adult watching the show.

These are leave-the-room bad programs.

Fortunately, my daughter appears to be long done with these shows. That just leaves “Shake It Up” and “The Next Step.”

These two dance shows make me leave the room. The former is overly inane and there are near-zero acting chops in the latter. But my daughter is a dancer, so naturally she has an interest.

One show I remember actually watching because it periodically made me laugh was, of all things, “Hanna Montana.” Yeah, it takes a lot to admit that.

And I can tell I paid too much attention to it when I recently made a reference to something Billy Ray Cyrus said on the show one episode when he was playing a video game.

My daughter just gave me a blank stare when I uttered it.


 The bigger chill

We recently purchased a full-sized fridge for The Voice’s office. It replaces a bar fridge we’d used since the outset.

Staff members are happier, as they have more room to bring in leftovers. I hope it will encourage them to bring in more of their home-cooked food to share with the bosses. Maybe every Friday should be a day like that.

I can’t say I will miss that old little fridge. Don’t get me wrong; I really appreciated the temporary donation of the fridge. But it had a picture of New England quarterback Tom Brady on the door. I’m an Oakland Raiders fan. Ever since the tuck game, we simply cannot do anything other than despise that dude.

Yeah, I hate Brady. I wanted to tackle that fridge every single day. Blind side hit, knock the submarine sandwich loose and pounce on it while the fridge lay crumpled in the corner.

 All thumbs

My wife had never been much of a video gamer. Few grab her attention. She prefers a good book.

But when she finds a game she likes, it’s fun to watch her play.

I’ve got way too many hours invested in working the dual-joystick controllers of modern video games. Her, not so much. Whenever the situation gets hectic, she has the knack to seemingly press every single button at once.

This might result in her having some super-elusive moves in Madden football, or some sort of mega-combo in one of those fighting games. Except she doesn’t play those. In a game such as Minecraft, it’s not quite so effective.

But it is hilarious.

I call her “Panic Fingers” when she does this.

As I laughed about this Monday morning with my wife and daughter, my kid was oh-so-quick to point out that when we all played a video game together Saturday, when my character got into a tough spot, my panic fingers took over and I did the exact same “move” my wife does.

With the same result – my character died.

When you have kids, your selective memory becomes next to useless.


  1. I feel for you Bruce. I too feel forced to enjoy some of these so called comedies. However, I must admit I do like Good Luck Charlie and Jessie is growing on me. Glad I missed the Hannah Montana years though.


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