Past time to get out of our cars


Sir: Thank you, John Sigurjonsson for your excellent words on bicycling in Chatham-Kent (“Bike lanes need revisiting,” Dec. 13 letter to the editor). Seven days a week I walk, ride the bus or bicycle to work, shop or just keep fit. Some things I notice are what I call 12-step crosswalks – 12 steps may or may not get you halfway across the busy intersections before the flashing red begins.

Sidewalks are where vehicles sit and wait to enter the street. Drivers usually pretend not to see you, or see you and don’t budge. You wait or walk behind them. Hence sidewalks are actually sidedrives.

And bicycle lanes disappear just when you need them the most, at intersections.

I wish the vehicles would disappear. Imagine turning some residential streets into car-free areas for children to play in. Should we have a “take back our streets” night to promote alternate transportation?

I dream of Chatham’s downtown being renamed King’s Walk … a vehicle-free zone beautified with grass, trees, planters, flowers, fountains and people! Most King Street traffic is drive-through anyway. Reroute traffic to Wellington, which is barely used.

Imagine a downtown with an ice rink, cafes, music nights … oh wait, we have that! We just need people to get out of their cars to enjoy what some enterprising businesses are trying to accomplish downtown.

Linda Millson



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