Bikes can legally occupy traffic lanes


Sir: After reading your Oct 31 article “Committee bails,” I want to publically apologize to the Active Communities Steering Committee, cyclists, and Coun. Michael Bondy; I’m sorry I did not vocalize my support for bike lanes for McNaughton Avenue West, I’m sorry I did not write you, Coun. Bondy, to express my perceived need for more bike lanes in our community.

We are a one-car family so I tow our two children in our bike trailer all across Chatham. Chatham is a perfect-sized city to be an active commuter in. I certainly prefer to use bike lanes – it is safer for both cyclists and drivers – and hope someday soon Thomas Kelly and his staff at infrastructure and engineering services will be able to connect the paucity of bike lanes we currently have in the city. Until then, I will continue to get mild personal satisfaction as I legally and appropriately bike in my traffic lane and cause motorized vehicles to go 20 km/h as they patiently wait for a break in oncoming traffic to safely pass me. Ahem.

 Becca Green-LaPierre




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