Firefighter assistance much appreciated


Sir: I am writing to acknowledge the kind and dedicated assistance on two separate occasions that has been provided to me personally, and indirectly to other tenants at my apartment building in Chatham.

The first situation, some months ago, involved a complete closure of the staircases – both up and down – thus creating the potential for a severe fire hazard for the tenants if the elevator was shut down in the event of fire. The danger, of course, was greatest for the seniors and the severely handicapped, of which I am both.

It is my understanding that a visitor concerned about the potential fire hazard contacted the city fire department which responded to the premises and notified the building manager to inform him of his responsibilities and to ensure fire safety and to unblock the stairwells.

Recently, my son and I left the apartment to shop early in the morning and returned around noon to find the elevator inoperable. I was unable to access my apartment all day, and by 9 p.m. I was compelled to contact the fire department once again. As a double amputee, my mobility is totally dependent upon elevator access.

Fire department equipment and personnel were dispatched and four firemen carried me in a sling to my top-floor apartment. Had it not been for the compassionate assistance from the fire department and firemen, I would have been unable to go home for seven days until the elevator was properly repaired.

Other seniors and the disabled were likewise affected for a full week, and the knowledge that the fire department was willing and able to provide all of us with assistance should it have been required was most comforting, appreciated and reassuring.

Thank you again to our ready first responders.

Hope & Leonard Sketcher





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