Hawaiian fundraiser to benefit those in need during the holidays



Dressing in a hula skirt and lei will only be a part of the fun at a Sept. 14 Hawaiian themed fundraiser.

Organized by Lou Anne Fox, this is the inaugural Help from the Heart Luau Fundraiser, will see proceeds from the event going towards the “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” group for those in need during the holidays.

The group, created by Fox, ensures that families and individuals who need a helping hand get it.

“What we do is we get names from schools or the odd social workers who will give us a call and say these people really need help,” said Fox.

Not only does Fox ensure those she’s helping have a meal on Christmas Day, but meal for the whole week as well as a special gift.

“We make sure that everyone in the family, not just the children, receive a little something. Even if it’s a pair of gloves or a nice little scarf that somebody’s knitted,” said Fox.

The event, held at Fox’s home at 9069 Claymore Line, will feature a number of activities for people of all ages including door prizes, raffle draws, games and a pig roast.

“We’re actually having vendors this year,” said Fox.

Fox is hoping to fill up her front yard and is well on her way with already eight vendors planning on being there selling candy, crafts, and much more.

“Where else can you go for five dollars, get a meal and have all this fun?” said Fox.

As a big fan of Christmas, Fox began her “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” group last year when she helped seven families. This year, Fox already has a list of 14 individuals, a number that she expects to grow.

“I’m hoping with the fundraiser it’ll allow me to help out a few more families a little faster,” said Fox.

“This is my favourite time of the year and it just breaks my heart if I know there’s someone out there who needs something,” Fox added.

Fox encourages everyone to take advantage of the last few days of summer by arriving in his or her best Hawaiian garb where a lucky winner will walk away with the Best Hawaiian Costume title.

Ticket prices for the fundraiser are $5 per person with children five and under free.

Advanced tickets can be purchased by calling either Lou Anne at 519-354-9663, Wendy Primeau at 519-351-0652 or Heather Bedell at 519-683-6036.




  1. since this ad was a little late getting into the paper some of the information is wrong we have about 20 vendors with more signing up everyday…it also states its just for the Believe in the Magic of Christmas only a portion will be going to that group the main portion will be going towards the list of people in need that need help now with everything from moving out of bad situations to medical needs just wanted to clear that up.


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