Smooth ride home



OK, on a New Year’s Eve when I consumed two cans of beer, I feel as if it is my right as a citizen to be pulled over by police in a RIDE check.

So when we drove across Chatham last night after 1 a.m., using the busiest streets in town, do you think we came across one cop, let alone a cluster of them pulling over vehicles? Nope.

We drove up Queen Street, cut across Wellington, turned up Third, crossed the bridge and headed up St. Clair. No po-po..

What we did see was surprisingly light traffic (I guess it wasn’t all that late, so the younger folks were still well into their partying) and surprisingly heavy foot traffic.

And that was a pleasing sight. We had no idea how many of those walkers were intoxicated, but it was good to see so many people just opting to hoof it home.

The day began with my wife and I planning on being part of the foot brigade. Neighbours just down the street were having a get together, but the wife of that house awoke that morning with a bout of the stomach flu, so…

Instead, we went to a cousin’s house for a low-key gathering. Since my wife is related by blood, I opted to drive and stay sober (not that she got loaded or anything, but four beers to her over the course of an evening has a little more impact than two on me).

Board games ruled the night, something our daughter loved. It turned into a men-vs.-the-ladies event, and we males clobbered the women in the opening competition. Trash talk drew more than a few stares, as well as giggles.

Unfortunately, our bravado was shattered the next game. In fact, we didn’t win another match all evening.

But everyone had a good time, as there is never a shortage of laughter at that table.

With the clock ticking towards midnight, we shifted to the living room and turned on the tube. It was weird watching the ball drop in New York and not seeing Dick Clark around. It was weirder seeing Jenny McCarthy rolling around on the floor.

All too soon, the fatigue took over and it was time to head home…with nary a cop in sight.

Today I awoke with no gremlins using pickaxes inside my head, two vehicles in the driveway and the energy to tackle a big load of laundry that’s been staring me in the face for a few days. Sure, I’ll still get in the recliner and watch some college football today, but that’s a tradition to be enjoyed regardless.



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