Team RVG vs. team Copper Terrace, and the food bank wins

(photo courtesy of Darlene Rylett)

Jenna Cocullo, Local Journalism Initiative

Chatham-Kent’s nursing homes mean business as their competition for the May 16 Miracle is heating up.

Copper Terrace workers Darlene Rylett and Dawn Caughey called upon all the nursing homes and residencies in Chatham-Kent to see who could collect the most food for the May 16 Miracle.

So far it has been overwhelmingly positive. To date Copper Terrace managed to collect $1,300 of food, Rylett said, adding that she does not yet know how the others are doing.

“But from the pictures I’ve seen, and everyone I talk to, I can tell that everyone is doing an amazing job. I cannot believe all my coworkers and nursing homes are doing this. It’s going to be big.”

Rylett started the game as a way to brighten up the staff’s day. No matter what happens the community wins for coming together and the food banks win, she said.

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Despite her sweet words, deep down a playful friendly rivalry remains between the staff at Copper Terrace and personnel at Riverview Gardens, and some pranks too.

Chatham-Kent heating and cooling company Handy Bros. Climate Care hase teamed up with Copper Terrace for the challenge by donating a trailer to use for storage.

Copper Terrace called Riverview Gardens to see if they would like a trailer and the offer was accepted. Then those sneaky Copper Terrace employees tip-toed over to Riverview Gardens and slapped a sign on the trailer that reads “compliments of Copper Terrace,” to remind them who the bosses in town are.

(photo courtesy of Darlene Rylett)

Rylett said former and current staff, as well as family members, have been helping out with food donations. She also gave a huge thank you to “the Superstore cashiers who have to put up with me coming in all the time” and managers at the grocery stores who donated gift cards to help them out.

“There are no words. I would just cry. It is such an uplifting atmosphere. I met so many beautiful people through the May 16 Miracle who have reached out to support us,” she said.


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