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  • New Baute video

    Jul 3, 19 • 0 Views • Feature Story, LifeNo Comments

    Chatham-Kent native and YouTube scientist Kurtis Baute has a new video out on climate change. Made with the help of fellow YouTuber Dom Burgess from the UK, it discusses some of the extreme proposals put forward to help cool our planet. We at The Chatham...

  • Curious Kurtis

    Jan 9, 19 • 0 Views • Feature Story, Viewpoint1 Comment

    Chatham-Kent native Kurtis Baute is trying to live his dream, one that will help educate others on the marvels of science. But he’ll need our help to get there. So far, as informative and interesting as his approaches have been to various subjects, it’s...

  • Marathon of science

    Jan 9, 19 • 0 Views • Feature Story, Local NewsNo Comments

    Chatham-Kent native Kurtis Baute has gone from using thousands of dominoes to chart the history of the universe to detailing the evolution of man while running a marathon. What goes on in the YouTuber/scientist’s head is never boring. A year ago, Baute, 29,...