LETTER: Don’t saw up the beauty of Victoria Avenue


Editor: Re: “Tree-saving effort cut down” in the May 23 Chatham Voice.

Coun. Michael Bondy is correct in calling for a second opinion on cutting down the trees on Victoria Avenue. Preservation should be the key in any decision affecting an area of outstanding natural beauty, which designation Victoria Avenue certainly deserves.

I’m sorry public works staff had to clear up the detritus from the storm last year, but isn’t that what they are paid for? For public works director Ryan Brown to suggest removing the trees to be “proactive” is dereliction of duty to the community.

In my 80 years of residence in Ontario, I have yet to see a more beautiful avenue. Many other towns must be envious of its stately beauty.

I suspect Ryan Brown won’t be happy until all the trees are cut down to save his staff from having to clean up any damage.

Councillors should be ashamed of their decision.

Bryan Marino



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