We’re selling a (former) funeral home! 

The site of the Discovery Channel’s We Bought a Funeral Home is for sale in Dresden.

A well-known property in Dresden is up for sale once again – 620 Cross St.

It’s the site of the Discovery Channel’s reality TV show We Bought a Funeral Home. The show, which aired on discovery+, featured the Blumberg family, who moved to Dresden from Toronto in 2021.

According to the show, they bought the former funeral home for $570,000.

The 12,000 square-foot mansion, built in 1885, is listed as having 17 rooms, is a three-storey structure and has a partially finished basement.

It now has a swimming pool.

The property is the site of the former Thomas L. DeBurger Funeral Home, which closed in September of 2016.

Owners Tom and Linda DeBurger retired after running the facility for four decades.

The home, after renovations by the Blumbergs, is listed at $1.885 million.


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