LETTER: Human nature undermines diversity efforts


Editor: Diversity. It would be great if people got along, but in my reading of history it never seems to happen on a large scale.

Uyghur people have been attacked and imprisoned by the Chinese, Rohingya by the Buddhists of Myanmar, Armenian genocide by Muslims of Turkey, massacres of Serbians by Croatia forces and Rwandan genocide where Hutu militias murdered countless number of Tutsi. In India, Hindu and Muslim people have been fighting for generations because of their differences. Christian forces have been attacking and killing others also throughout history. These are just a few examples of man’s failure at diversity.

Here in Canada, when the Indigenous people were running their country, I don’t believe they were saying, “We need to diversify our culture to make it stronger.’ So when the Europeans showed up to make their culture stronger, we know what happened. All adults were shipped off to what we called reserves. Their children were kidnapped and taken away to prisons or residential schools.

It never worked for any of these groups so what makes one think it will work this time?

Hopefully, for our children’s sake, it will this time.

Merle Knutson



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