Thursday police briefs


Failing to comply

A Chatham man faces charges following a traffic stop Wednesday night in Chatham.

Chatham-Kent police say an officer pulled a vehicle over on Park Avenue East about 10:40 p.m. Wednesday.

Through investigation, police confirmed the driver was wanted on an outstanding warrant held by the Canadian Pacific Railway police. 

The man was arrested and searched. He was found possessing shotgun shells. 

Police confirmed the man was prohibited from possessing ammunition.

A 44-year-old Chatham man was arrested, charged with failing to comply with a prohibition order.

Skipped court dates lead to more charges

On Wednesday morning, police received information that a suspect could be located at an address on Grand Avenue West in Chatham. Police attended, located, and arrested the man.

A 22-year-old Chatham man was wanted on several warrants for failing to attend court in relation to driving while prohibited charges. 

Despite the numerous previous warrants for missing court dates, police say the man was released with conditions…and a future court date.

Four hours later, a man walked into Chatham-Kent police headquarters and turned himself in.

The man was wanted for failing to attend court in relation to impaired driving charges. 

A 21-year-old Brampton man was charged with failing to attend court. He was fingerprinted and released with conditions and a future court date as well.


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