LETTER: Chickens are a boon, not a problem


Editor: Behind us in a barn in the city there is free habitation for squirrels, possums, racoons, several birds and other critters.

Raising chickens does lots of things besides providing eggs. They are a reason to get up every morning. They are free pest control. Mosquitoes are one of their favourites. Keeping chickens teaches children responsibility and all that is relative to them.

Did l mention free manure?

When you walk out the back door, they instantly start looking: “Who is it and what does he have for us”

The chickens may not be too smart but they have instant recognition.

I’m sure those on city council would not like being known as backwards and out of touch. Progressive cities like, Kingston, Guelph, and several other cities allow chickens for the benefit of many.

It wasn’t that long ago that Chatham allowed horses in town.

I hope you give this subject some thought.

Anna Burk



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