LETTER: Nurse deserves reinstatement


Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Chatham-Kent councillors.

Editor: I was shocked to hear of the firing of a public health nurse who raised two important questions about the policy of the C-K Health Unit, namely the practice of charging for provincially funded medication and the fact that an employee of the Health Unit was based inside the premises of a group that has a particular stance on abortion, a right within Canada.

The optics on this are very negative for Chatham-Kent, and her dismissal will result in substantial legal costs in defending it, and she will almost certainly be awarded a substantial settlement.

There are legitimate questions which perhaps should have been asked and answered in a council meeting, and policy should have been changed, however, she chose another way to bring this practice to the attention of Chatham-Kent residents, she should be thanked for that and not dismissed.

Councillors must get to the bottom of this and not allow administration to hide behind the confidentiality shield. She is a whistle blower who acted in the best interests of the residents of Chatham-Kent and she deserves to be re-instated.

John Willatt



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