LETTER: Better enforcement or speed bumps?


Editor: We have become accustomed to roaring, noisy vehicle engines and their speeding drivers on Chatham’s streets, activity which is apparently ignored entirely by local and provincial police alike.

Only once have I seen police stopping traffic on southbound St. Clair Street, near Paxton Drive, where there are easy pickings as the speed limit drops from 60 to 50 km/h. They spent all of an afternoon at it, as far as I’m aware.

The lack of enforcement seems to encourage this kind of behaviour on our own residential street – and for all I know, many others – where we endure noise and speeding on a daily basis. Neighbours have complained before, to which police allegedly respond “We’re too busy.” Perhaps.

But I was deeply disturbed to see the same concrete cowboys speeding up and down this street repeatedly on Halloween as I sat on my front porch shelling out for dozens of children making their way from house to house.

If police are too busy to deal with this sort of thing, perhaps more speed bumps on residential streets are in order?


Marcel Gautreau





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