LETTER: Pleasant payment surprises


Editor: About three weeks ago, Loretta and I were in Maple City Bakery having lunch, and another couple were having lunch also. We got into a conversation with them. Now, we didn’t know these people and had never seen them before. These folks left before we did, and when we left, I went to pay our bill and one of the waitresses told us the other couple had paid our bill.

We were surprised. I told Joe, the owner, and he too was surprised.

He has good customers and fantastic people who work for him.

The same experience happened to Loretta at Food Basics a few days before. A lady paid for the few groceries she had bought because her bank card wouldn’t work. This store has some good customers and employees also.

Since COVID started, the world has been turned upside down and everyone has been hit with high prices for food and gasoline. This needs to stop.

Once again thanks to you good people who paid us a good gesture of human kindness.

We need more deeds of kindness and love for our fellow human beings.

Right now the whole world needs it.


David Hamilton
& Loretta Hope


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