Ward 2 candidate: Anthony Ceccacci


Why are you running?

During the last four years as a member of council I have endeavoured to bring a strong voice to advocate for the South Kent Ward. I want to continue to be that voice and continue to represent my constituents.

Coming off a couple years of significant world challenges, I feel experienced leadership will be critical.

I want to build on the knowledge I have gained over the last four years to better serve and advance our community, in all aspects of growth, infrastructure and their overall experience in CK.

What are the key issues?

Chatham-Kent. like many waterfront communities, faces very challenging and difficult decisions regarding erosion. The costs of  addressing these issues are simply not obtainable without the  assistance of upper levels of government. We need to continue to advocate for additional funds.

Chatham Kent is beginning to see a significant increase in housing concerns with our most vulnerable; these issues are only magnifying, and solutions are required immediately, as temporary emergency shelters are not a viable response to addressing these issues. Additional concerns are the continued downloading by the province to our community which requires dedicated leadership.

What do you hope to achieve if elected?

To continue to build off a solid foundation with a grassroots, boots-on-the ground approach. Continuing to be accessible and approachable while being a driving force for the advancement of our community!

What skills and experience do you bring?

Four years of a strong presence in the community. Strategic and critical thinker that brings a balanced approach to decision making. Determined to make a difference while focusing on collaboration, team building and community growth in all aspects.


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