LETTER: Thanks to ‘my angel’


Editor: On a recent Saturday, at 11:30 a.m., I was coming out of the Bank of Montreal at Park Avenue and Lacroix. I had parked in the spot where the handicap sign was. I myself use a walker for mobility issues. I put my handicap paper on the dash of my car. There was nobody parked beside me at the time I pulled in.

I came out of the bank only to find a van parked about one foot away from my car and a person in the passenger seat. The passenger who apparently doesn’t drive apologized to me profusely and said that her husband was in a “mood” that day. He knew he wasn’t parked correctly but didn’t care. I told her that it wasn’t her fault, she didn’t park the van. I went to the back of my car, sat on my walker, hoping her husband would be out of the bank soon, as it was warm out.

Shortly after, a lady that was on her way into the bank noticed me sitting on my walker at the back of my car, noticed how close the van was to my car and decided to do something about it. She asked the passenger in the van if she could move it over so that I could get into my car. That was fine.

She moved the van, then came over to me and assisted me in getting my walker into my car so that I could leave. She was so wonderful and helpful.

I did not get her name but would like to thank her publically for her assistance and her caring nature. She wasn’t obligated to help in any way and certainly went above and beyond. She has a conscience and a heart.

Thanks again to her, she was an angel.

A similar situation had just happened to me four days prior at Shoppers on Queen Street. People, when you park next to a handicap spot, please don’t park on the line. Park in the middle of your own space. Our mobility appliances need to fit between two vehicles.

Please be mindful when you see the “Handicap” paper on the dash or visor.

Through these two experiences, I can honestly say that there are wonderful people that truly care about others, but there is also a small minority that doesn’t. We need more wonderful folks like the woman I was lucky enough to come across on that day, people willing to lend a helping hand to those that need it.

Thanks to my angel again. You are a caring, thoughtful person.

I ask that people treat others the way they would want to be treated.


Cheryl Whaley







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