Wanted: Smile Cookie bakers

From left, Mike Genge, president of the Foundation of the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent; Jessica Pritchard, Guy Pritchard and Paula Grail, Tim Hortons owners, celebrated the more than $36,000 raised through local Smile Cookie sales in Chatham-Kent in 2021. With a few volunteer bakers, the group is hoping to see sales potentially double this year.

Smile Cookie season is fast approaching, and organizers are looking for a few good bakers.

The successful fundraising effort, which in Chatham-Kent supports the Children’s Treatment Centre (CTCCK), involves the sales of tasty Smile Cookies at various Tim Hortons outlets.

Last year, the weeklong event raised $35,000. Mike Genge, president of the Foundation of CTCCK, has dreams of doubling those numbers…with the help of a volunteer baking team.

“Tim Hortons owners came to us and said they run short every year selling Smile Cookies,” Genge explained. “They just don’t have enough product. They asked if we could bring in some volunteers to cook Smile Cookies.”

The “good” problem is the cookies sell – fast – and at times in bulk.

“What happens is someone walks into a store and takes 40 cookies for their office. The baker just doesn’t have enough time to catch up,” Genge said.

The volunteers are hoped to help increase inventory when needed.

Genge said it’s something that has been tested elsewhere and proven effective.

“They test-marketed it in two locations,” he said of Tim Hortons. “They found that when they had more cookies, the sales doubled.”

Supply met demand. Simple economics.

So, from Sept. 19-25, CTCCK personnel are looking for volunteers to bake Smile Cookies in Wallaceburg at the McNaughton Avenue location and on the weekend at that location, as well as in Dresden and the Chatham outlet on St. Clair Street just south of McNaughton Avenue. The time of need is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“We’re trying to get three people per location to come and bake cookies,” Genge said.

Anyone interested in helping can visit https://ctcf-ck.com/smile-cookie/.


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