Electoral confusion and dilution


Editor: With regard to the upcoming provincial election, I’m confused by the fact that Rick Nicholls is putting up signs stating “Re-Elect Rick Nicholls.”

Surely he can only be “re-elected” to the party he was last elected to. He is no longer a member of the provincial Conservative party, so therefore ineligible to claim re-election.

I’m sure there are many people who do not realize this fact and will vote for him based on how they voted before. The result could be he gets elected to a party that has no power and therefore we in Chatham-Kent–Leamington, will have zero representation in Queen’s Park no matter who gets to govern the province for the next four years.

Your article on page 5 in the May 19 Chatham Voice, “Candidates finalized for June 2,” explains this.

There are too many “new parties” joining in, which of course they have a right to form, but the result will be a watered down election which may end up with no one party having any power to actually get anything done, and that should concern us all, no matter one’s political affiliation.

Geoff Clement



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