LETTER: Will CKHA fundraising be impacted?


Editor: I recently read yet another very interesting news item in The Chatham Voice.

It’s an unbelievable situation to be sure regarding the $92,000 in funds donated to Music For the Mind over a two-year period.

The funds were to be used for supplies for the adult mental health ward at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance.

But the money sat idle and was never used for two years. Yet, now the hospital is using the money for the ward, but for a different reason than it was intended for.

I know how the creator Elisha Banks must feel and I don’t blame her for severing ties with the hospital.

It makes one feel like not donating at all. One wonders about a lot of foundations using money for what it is intended.

Of course, no doubt a lot of it goes for a paid CEO.

Another reason it doesn’t give one heart.

And so it goes.

Ruth Draper





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