We must all start acting like adults


Editor: It has often been said that behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining. Well, it seems behind all of the dark cloudiness of COVID-19 and all of its variants, there is in fact a very bright silver lining. It turns out that COVID-19 has provided the means by which to identify the adults in the room compared to those members of society who are hopelessly stuck in potty training.

A case in point: Recently there was a very noisy, disruptive protest held in front of the home of our local medical officer of health. This is a man who has guided Chatham-Kent through a very stressful 20-odd months of fighting a virus that has killed millions of people around the world. We have, for the most part, been relatively successful in fending off this silent killer thanks largely to the caring, skill and courage of Dr. Colby. He has provided guidance, direction and, when necessary, regulation that has protected our population from a far worse outcome had he not intervened.

It has not been fun. My wife and I have four adult children, their spouses and nine grandchildren, all of whom live in the United States. We have not seen any of them in person for over two years. However, unlike some in the community, we have not gone to the media or demonstrations to air our own little pity party. It is beyond our control and we have acted like grownups and accepted it, saying to ourselves, “This too will pass.”

However, for a noisy mob to harass a committed medical professional who is trying to preserve our health and save lives along with all of the front-line staff in EMS, clinics, doctors’ offices and hospitals who are working with him to the same end, is revolting. These infantile tantrums, much like a blend of a couple of old movies – The Valley of The Dolls, and The Mouth That Roared – is a disgrace to our community. We adults in the room should not tolerate such juvenile hissy fits.

David Goldsmith






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