It’s time to blame the travel vaxxed


Editor: Now it is time to change the rules again.

This new variant is clearly spread by the fully vaccinated since only they can travel.

We have forced and fired people who refuse to get the vaccine with the idea they are spreading it and putting others in danger of the virus. Now we know that both groups are spreading it.

So do we begin to stop fully vaccinated people from going to public events, restaurants and joining in with others?  It only seems right that we lock down everyone now that we know who is causing the spread, which has over a 90-per-cent recovery rate by people who are still able to stay at home and not have to go to the hospital.

Some think if you get the vaccine it will prevent one from getting the virus, which is not true, but hopefully it will lessen the severity.

This government and news media has made so many people afraid of their own shadow. There are people out driving in their cars by themselves wearing a mask. Do they think they are going to infect themselves?

It appears to me the health services are doing their best but really don’t know what they are doing either. It appears to be a guessing game.

So are we going to continue to tear our communities apart over misinformation (or lack thereof) on both sides of the spectrum?

Merle Knutson 





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