Province opens up vaxx passport app for download


It’s QR code season with the provincial government in terms of getting your COVID-19 vaccination passport verification app.

Starting Oct. 15, people born in January through April can go to the COVID-19 vaccination portal to download the Verify Ontario app and set it up on their smart phones.

On Oct. 16, those born from May through August can get in on the download, and a day later, September to December birthdates can get in on the act. On Oct. 18, it’s open season.

Individuals can also call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900 to have their enhanced vaccine certificate e-mailed or mailed to them.

Provincial officials said this will make it easier, more secure and convenient for individuals to provide proof of vaccination where required to do so, and for businesses and organizations to verify vaccine certificates while protecting people’s privacy.

“I want to thank every Ontarian for their patience and cooperation as we’ve implemented our proof of vaccination policy,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford said in a media release. “The enhanced vaccine certificates and Verify Ontario app will give our businesses further comfort in their ability to operate safely as we take further steps to protect people’s privacy. These certificates remain a key element of our plan to protect the gains we have made while avoiding future lockdowns.”


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