Eye care standoff hurts seniors


Editor: Seniors are nothing more than a pawn for professional groups to gain what they want with the government.

I am willing to pay out of pocket, have full vision care, non-OHIP and yet no optometrist is willing to give me an eye exam.

They only want to bill through OHIP, which they are at odds with asking for more money.

It’s said that 60 to 65 per cent of their business is seniors and when they originally signed up with OHIP, the money was OK.

They say they cannot cover their overhead. That’s not the fault of the government.

The optometrist I see has two receptionists, a file clerk, two examination rooms, a glaucoma test room, a seating area for 20, a lens lab fully staffed, and thousands upon thousands of frames all housed in a massive office space. They’ve taken their service from a room in the back of a house and a brief case of frames to this goliath business that they can’t sustain.

If you’re not a senior now, you soon will be. Is this how you want to be treated?

As a side note – if you can get across the U.S. border, you can still get a free eye exam and 25 per cent off of eye wear. Just saying.

Richard Faubert




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