Tree-cutting bylaw decision pushed into December


Around the municipality in 240 days.

That’s how long it will be before council has to again address clear cutting in Chatham-Kent, based on the time the issue initially came before council in the spring.

Wallaceburg Coun. Aaron Hall successfully lobbied for a temporary tree-cutting bylaw back in late April. At the time, council created a 120-day temporary ban on clear cutting.

On Monday night, council doubled down on the temporary element, adding another 120 days to the bylaw, following a recommendation by municipal staff.

The decision followed nearly two dozen deputations to council.

Staff will return to council in late September with terms of reference for the creation of a natural heritage committee.

As well, the Lower Thames Valley is in the process of completing a report on total tree cover in the municipality. The pandemic has delayed the report, which is now expected to be done in October.


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